Data Portal

Portal providing key organizational data for strategic decision making.


The best tutorial on C programming is available here. Chapters covered includes Introduction, Basic Programs, Control Flow, Functions, Arrays, Pointers, Structures, Linked List, File I/O, Trees, Graphs, Stacks, and Queues.

Sky Contracting and Partners

Sky Contracting and Partners is a civil engineering and construction contractor based in Cameroon. They are committed to providing high quality services.


DivoSays is an awesome web application for tech and online business. It provides the kind of tips that you need to succeed in application development, system administration, blogging, internet business, laravel, and SEO.


PRAP (Plateforme des R├ęsultats d'audit des Postes) is a web application providing different kinds of reporting on various transformers for auditing purposes. It allows users to quickly search a transformer, view related data, pie chart, overloaded and underloaded transformer, etc. All this information help users to make better decisions.

Internship Management System

IMS PRO is a full-scale internship management system. It's got the entire internship process covered. The main purpose of the software is to provide effective internship management.

Online Application Portal

Online Application Portal (OAP) is a web application that allows applicants to apply for internship easily to ENEO Cameroon S.A. An applicant can apply for either an Academic or Research internship.

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