Write a suitable declaration for a graph ADT interface that can be used to study graph algorithms

Source Code

Brief explanation is provided after the source code.

    Graph ADT interface (graph.h)
typedef struct { int v; int w; } Edge;
Edge EDGE(int, int);
typedef struct graph *Graph; /* implementation of struct graph varies */
Graph GraphInit(int);
void GraphInsertE(Graph, Edge);
void GraphRemoveE(Graph, Edge);
int GraphEdges(Edge[], Graph G);    /* extract the set of edges in an array */

Brief Explanation

  • Simple interface that can be used to study graphs algorithms.
  • Data type Edge represents an edge (i.e a vertex pair)
  • Function EDGE takes an integer pair representing two vertex values, and makes and return an edge from them. User defined data type Graph is a pointer to a graph data structure, which is implementation-dependent.
  • Functions GraphInit, GraphInsertE, and GraphRemoveE respectively initializes the graph, inserts an edge, and removes an edge, while function GraphEdges extracts the set of edges in an array.

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