What are the errors in the following programs:


main(){printf ”Once upon a time,”; print “Ten times”}


#include <math.h>
printf(Enter an integer number:);
printf(“X to the forth power is:%d”,pow(X,4));

Errors in Program (a)

  • #include<stdio.h>
    is missing hence the function printf is undeclared.
  • The open and closed bracket is missing in function printf. It should be
    printf("Once upon a time,");
  • The function print is undeclared and is missing the open and closed bracket, as well as a semi column at the end.
  • The ideal program should be:
main(){printf ("Once upon a time,"); printf ("Ten times");}

Errors in Program (b)

  • Double quotes are missing in the printf function. The correct implementation should be
    printf("Enter an integer number:");
  • The variable X in scanf function is undeclared.
    int X
    should be added after the main function.
  • The standard input/output library stdio.h is missing which leads to implicit declaration of built-in function printf and scanf
  • The function pow returns a double so %d in the last printf should be changed to %f to get correct results. A call such as pow(x,y) returns xy. A domain error occurs if x=0 and y<=0, or if x<0 and y is not an integer.
  • A working program should be:
#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
int X;
printf("Enter an integer number:");
printf("X to the forth power is:%.1f", pow(X,4));
  • The header
    declares mathematical functions and macros.

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