Have you had bad experiences before in a job interview or are you preparing for an interview, then I am happy you found this article. I have been successful in every job interview I have ever attended, so I decided that is important for me to share some of the techniques I applied so that you can also make your job interview a success. Sit back, relax, read and assimilate each point.

1. Arrive early for the interview

Endeavor to show up at the interview on time. Arriving late for an interview will give the interviewer a negative impression about you which is not good.

2. Dress appropriately

Studies have shown that it takes a few seconds for people to make an impression about you. Appearing for the interview well dressed helps you make a good first impression.

3. Turn off your phone

I am sure you do not want your phone ringing during the interview. Imagine what the interviewer will think. Therefore, endeavor to turn your phone off or put it on silent until the interview is over.

4. Know your resume

It is important to read through your resume before going for your interview. If you had someone write your resume for you, make sure to understand all what he/she has written. It is important that you write your resume yourself. If you have difficulties doing that, check out my article on Effective Resume Writing. In most interviews I have attended, questions were usually asked based on what I wrote on my resume. So, imagine that you do not know what you have written, then you would not be able to convince the interviewer.

5. Be confident

How badly do you want the job, then it's time to let go any nervous habit. It is important for you to relax and understand that the interviewer is human like you. Imagine speaking to your brother or sister at home where in such cases you ain't nervous. Don't screw up your chances because of some bad state of mind. Another thing you can do is to practice with your friend or family before the interview so that you can gain more confidence. Also, make sure to prepare well for your interview, the more prepared you are, the more confident you would be.

6. Don't ignore body language

Be aware of what you communicate with your posture. It is important that you sit up straight, smile and make good eye contact. Don't slouch. Make the interviewer enjoy the conversation.

7. Be attentive and if possible take down notes

It is important to listen attentively to the interviewer and take down important notes. Don't get distracted. Active listening will give the interviewer the impression that you value what he is saying.

8. Firm hand shake

It is important that you give a firm hand shake. People who give a limp hand shake are usually intimidated by the situation. You need to look into the person eyes and give a good hand shake.

9. Send a thank you note

It is important to send a professional formal email thanking the interviewer for the time he spent to interview you and for letting you know more about the company. You can take a look at a sample thank you note at About Careers.


The 9 tips above are only a few ways that you can apply to make your job interview a success. I hope you found it informative. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. Make sure to make the right moves before, during and after your interview. This post now feature on Alltop - “a website that put together all the top stories or headlines from popular topics around the web in one place”. If you are on Alltop, you can also add my Alltop feed to your own MyAlltop page so that you are up to date with all my new postings.

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