Have you been invited for a job interview, then I am happy you found this post. Here are some important tips to help you better prepare for your interview. I have used these tips for my interviews and the results were positive, so I strongly believe that if you apply them, your experience will be positive too.

1. Know your resume

Endeavor to read through your resume the night before your interview and ascertain that you can back up your skills and accomplishments with credible examples. Make sure to clear any doubt. Usually, some interviewers will ask questions based on what you have written on your resume and so understanding it fully is the way out here.

2. Practice answering interview questions

It is important to take a look at common job interview questions and practice answering them. The more you practice, the more confident you would be during your interview. Check out my post on Job Interview Questions and Answer Strategies for more information.

3. Know the company

Make sure to visit the company's website and read about them. Understand their mission, vision, competitors, products, etc. Knowing about the company will help you to answer interview questions such as “What do you know about our company?”

4. Organize documents you would bring to the interview

Organize documents you would bring to the interview in a portfolio. Such documents include your resume, business card (optional), paper for taking down notes, etc.

5. Prepare your outfit

It is important to dress appropriately for your interview. Make sure to select dresses that are fitting for the professional environment.

6. Prepare questions for the interviewer

Write down a list of questions you would ask the interviewer if they asked you if you have any questions for them. In most interviews, interviewers usually give room for the interviewee to ask questions and not asking is not good. Therefore, write down a list of questions on a paper and add to your portfolio.

7. Appear on time for your interview

It is important to leave the house early for your interview. Anticipate traffic so you don't get stuck on the way. Arriving late for an interview can give the interviewer a negative impression so endeavor to be on time.


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