Effective Resume WritingA resume (or CV) is your passport to getting a chance for an interview. So you don't want to take it for granted. If you have problems writing an effective resume or if you want to double check if your resume is well written, then I am happy you found this article. Apply the principles below and make your resume a winning one.

1. Read the job description carefully and adapt your resume to suit the post

It is important to design your resume to match the job description. Do not include work experience which is not relevant to the application. Some organizations use automated systems to screen resumes by searching for keywords that match their requirements. So, to be on the safe side, focus on the skills that match the job. Avoid the one size fit all resume.

2. Write your resume yourself

It is important for you to invest time and write your resume. When you write it yourself, you understand better. I have included a template below which you can download and use. Also, there are many websites out they that can guide you to create one. Some popular websites for this purpose are:

If you are applying for an advertised vacancy, always ensure that you comply with any application process entirely. The vacancy notice might specify: how to apply, the length and/or format of the CV, whether a covering letter is required, etc.

3. Quantify your achievements

It is important that for each skill or experience, you give specific examples. For example, you could say “Programming experience in JAVA: Have used JAVA to develop an electronic voting system”. Backing up your skills with examples gives more credibility.

4. Pay attention to the presentation of your resume

It is important that you present your skills clearly and logically, so that your advantages standout. Put the most relevant information first and make sure to check for typos and grammatical errors.

5. Proof read your resume

It is important that you read through your resume several times once completed so that you can spot out any errors.

6. Let a different eye look at your resume

It's very important to have someone else re-read your resume so that you are sure the content is clear and easy to understand.


I hope these tips are informative to you. Go ahead and write that winning resume right now. Feel free to download the template below and use it to write your resume. I would be happy to read your comments. Wish you good luck in your resume writing adventure.

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Additional Resources

Resume template

PDFEffective Resume Template (PDF, 98.9KB)
DOCXEffective Resume Template (docx, 15.9KB)

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Thanks for this post. I found it useful.
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