When I first began developing software applications, I used to make some novice mistakes. The yearning to get better led me to discover where I was going wrong and today I have gained an understanding of some best practices for effective software development and I am super excited to share it here. I am confident that after reading this post you'll like it too. I have broken down these practices into the following headings: Requirements Analysis, Software Design, Implementation, User Interface Design and Project Management.

Agile MethodsIn this post, I am presenting an overview of agile methods. I am an advocate of the agile approach to software development and I am really excited writing this article. I recommend you relax and have fun reading just as I enjoyed writing it. In the agile community, we value communication, simplicity, feedback, courage and humility. I am sure that after reading this article, you would like these values too especially if you have you been following the strict traditional ways of developing softwares.